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Book of Daniel Series
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Date Time Title Description
April 10
7 PM People Pearls Trials and how to relate them to a loving God
April 11
11 AM Passionate I.Q. Combining intellectual understanding with a passion for God
7 PM Terminating Death The God who can take away all of our fears for the future
April 12
7 PM The Wild Life Living wild for the world or living wild for God - a comparison of choices
April 13
7 PM A Judgment Call What the evidence reveals about our decisions to reject God
April 14
7 PM Pride & Politics How to maneuver through pride and politics as a believer in the real world
April 15
7 PM Changing Times Change can be good, unless it undermines our relationship with God
April 16
7 PM Smoke Screens Unmasking distracting ideas so that we can discover the "foundation stone of the Christian Religion" (Sir Isaac Newton)
April 17
7 PM Going for Gold In the Olympic games, gold represents man's highest goal; in the Bible it represents God's
Saturday April 18 9 AM The King of the North  
11 AM Time No Longer The time elements of Daniel 12 are ready to distract us from Jesus, unless we can understand their intent
7 PM Tidings of a Whirlwind If there were no other way of proving the Bible to be true, this prophecy would be enough