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Health - 2008
Cooking With a Passion

Featuring Chef Cory Gheen, Graduate of the Culinary Institute of America in New York.

Listen to Chef Gheen as he shares his culinary passion with the community. His presentations do not dwell on specific recipes, but instead emphasize the art of food preparation. These include an overview of cooking methods and their proper applications; understanding flavor dynamics; cooking with starches, greens & colored veggies; flavor enhancement with seasonings, herbs & spices; building a dish; and putting dishes together to build a meal.





Date Title Time
April 14 Cooking With a Passion, Part I-A 1:13:15
Cooking With a Passion, Part I-B 35:32
April 15 Cooking With a Passion, Part II-A 51:58
Cooking With a Passion, Part II-B 1:03:17